We as Christians know that God has a plan for each of us in this life time.  We are giving 4 streams in which to help our families' financial income.  One of the streams that the Lord has shown me to use is my ability to sew and make things that are useful for others. After praying and listening to the Lord, I am now making scrunchies for girls and women.  A woman's hair is her adorning beauty, and we are to keep it neat.
As I set out on this new road I am in continually prayer with the Lord, and He has blessed the business each day.  I give all honor, praise and glory to the Lord Jesus Christ, my savior and my strength.
NJ Hall


Are you tired of paying a lot for hair scrunchies, just to have them fall apart?  Are you tired of the scrunchie not holding up all your hair?


We have designed a scrunchie that works, and stays together.
And for an excellent price!

Scrunchie are sold $1.50 each, or we have a container of 20 scrunchies for $20.00.

Scrunchies for Christ is a new business that is all about GOD and the customers!
We put GOD first, so that our customers will know that HE is in our hearts, and in the business with us.
Philippians 4:13
“I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.”

To place orders  call (804) 279-9969  or (804) 425-5578. 

E-mail us at nj3de@aol.com

We have a large variety of colors and designs.
We are able to due fundraisers also.

View picture below.

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