My Rock And My Fortress

" For thou art my rock and my fortress; therefore for thy name's sake lead me, and guide me."  Psalms 31:3

Some day our work shall all be tried by storm and by fire and the question will be of our foundation.  Are we built upon the Rock of Ages, that High Rock which is a Fortress, so that, though the wind blows and the storm shakes all about us, we shall stand secure?  And if Christ be our "Rock" and our "Fortress" shall we build with "wood and hay and stubble" upon such an eternal foundation?  Lord Jesus, may we seek to gather "gold and silver and precious stones." that we may bring some honor to Thee, our "Rock and Fortress," by building that which shall endure through all the ages.  Amen.


The Wonderful Names of Our Wonderful Lord


Charles E. Hurlburt and T. C. Horton

Published by Barbour Publishing Inc. PO Box 719  Uhrichsville, OH 44683

Used by permission.

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