My Shepherd

" The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want."  Psalms 23:1

To say, "The Lord is My Shepherd,' must carry with it in our understanding not merely grateful praise for the infinite grace and tenderness of the the Great Shepherd who leads us by still water and in green pastures, but confession of our own helplessness and a need of a Shepherd's care.  And a remembrance also of our lost, undone condition, until

"All through the mountains, thunder-riven,

And up from the rocky steep,

There arose a glad cry to the gates of heaven,

'Rejoice! I have found My sheep.!'"

Lord Jesus, Thou tender Shepherd, lead us forth this day in glad service for Thee.  Amen.


The Wonderful Names of Our Wonderful Lord


Charles E. Hurlburt and T. C. Horton

Published by Barbour Publishing Inc. PO Box 719  Uhrichsville, OH 44683

Used by permission.


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