The Strong and Mighty Jehovah

" Who is the King of glory?  Jehovah, strong and mighty, Jehovah mighty in battle."  Psalms 224:8

Is the heart faint?  Thy strength but utter weakness?  Behold thy Lord - Jehovah -"He who reveals Himself" as "Strong and Mighty" - a soldier, a warrior, with sufficient power to break down every opposition.  Hear Him say, "My presence shall go with thee to conquer every foe."  Strong and mighty Jehovah, give me victory over all the power of the enemy this day.  Amen


The Wonderful Names of Our Wonderful Lord


Charles E. Hurlburt and T. C. Horton

Published by Barbour Publishing Inc. PO Box 719  Uhrichsville, OH 44683

Used by permission.

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