“Let the redeemed of the Lord say so …” (Psalms 107:2)

Power, Redemption, Affirmation, Inspiration, Sanctification, Exaltation

Volume 3 Issue 3                                                                                                                           October   2002 

Hands Up Ministry



The Servant Team – Leaders:

Tom Meadows, Ruth Johnson, Richard Hatcher, Delois Maddox, Ralph Brown, Julia Candia and Jackie Hager

The Twelve Disciples – Prayer Team

Tee Williams, Karen Page, Deborah Whitener, Ivan Pope, Janet Taylor, Juanita Langley, Margie Jasper, Deedre Dickerson, Pam Barden, Pam Jeter, Sandra Smalls, and George Foreman.

Love Fund Coordinator:

Mary Tinnell

Newsletter Staff:

Zynobia Gibson, Norma Hall, Sandra Witherspoon


PRAISE the Lord!!



The Newsletter staff is always looking for roving reporters, writers and publishers.  Anyone interested in serving God through this publication, please contact Zynobia Gibson 274-6401, Sandra Witherspoon, 274-3097 or Norma Hall, 274-3155.  If you would like a copy of this newsletter, contact Tom Meadows and give him your home and/or e-mail address.


     This edition of PRAISE is dedicated to some of our fellow Christians that have crossed Jordan to prepare a place for us. 
     We solicited input & reflections from co-workers on how they felt about the events of 911 and their memories of Jerome Shepperson and Teresa Jackson.   The loving response was overwhelming.  As you read this edition, be blessed and encouraged that each day is a blessing and God sends people into our lives for a reason.  

     Teresa was a light that shined in everyone's life.  Last summer, she inspired and taught the word in Powhatan at an off site meeting.  Her message and testimony lifted me to another level in my spiritual walk.  She spoke about staying strong in faith through good and bad times.   She had everyone in the room spirit-filled and on a cloud of joy and hope.

     I came to the MC, 2 years ago and Jerome was one of the manager's I supported and the person who helped me get acclimated to the MC world.  His words of encouragement and patience helped me to understand how to find my niche in the CM department.  Whenever I needed to vent or find a solution to an issue, he was always willing to lend an ear.  His smile, wisdom and wittiness always brightened my day.   I shall miss our lunch crew and the non-verbals at meetings.  J  J

     911, well, this hits home for me because it is the day my best friend died (my father).  Last year, during the collapse of the towers, I asked God and my father to welcome those people to heaven.  So many people lost loved ones on this day, but through this tragedy, people came closer to our Lord and Savior.  We as Christians must continue to encourage our fellow man/woman to love each other despite our differences.  Last year, we were all one nation under GOD.  We must keep this love and togetherness going. 

     As you read this publication, please remember to show/tell your loved ones, co-workers, neighbors and even your enemies  how much you love them and how much Jesus loves them.   Our love for Christ is only as real as our love for our neighbor.   "Exhort one another daily " - Hebrews 3:13


Enjoy and be blessed - Zynobia Gibson



SEPTEMBER 11, 2001?

                                              ? ?

Dear Friends and Family,


I had a very dear friend question my faith in God right after the terrorist attack on America.  Her question was simply put


“Where is your God today?”


She was very hurt, as all Americans were, so I tried not to react defensively.  Since that moment I have prayed and grieved over the disastrous events.  However, I believe I have the answer.  I know where my God was the morning of September 11,2001 


He was very busy.


First of all, He was trying to discourage anyone from taking these flights.  Those four flights together held over 1000 passengers and there were only 266 aboard.


He was on 4 commercial flights giving terrified passengers the ability to stay claim.  Not one of the family members who were called by a loved one on one of the hijacked planes said that passengers were screaming in the background.


On one of the flights He was giving strength to passengers to try to overtake the hijackers.


He was busy trying to create obstacles for employees at the World Trade Center.  After all, only 20,000 were at the towers when the first jet hit.  Since the buildings hold over 50,000 workers, this is a miracle in itself.  How many of the people who were employed at the WTC told the media they were late for work or they had traffic delays?


He was holding up two 110-story buildings so 2/3 of the workers could get out.  I was so amazed that the top of the towers didn’t topple when the jets impacted.


Although this is no doubt the worst thing I have seen in my life, I can see God’s miracles in every bit of it.  I keep thinking about my friend and praying for her every chance I have.  I can’t imagine going through such a difficult time and not believing in God.  Life would be hopeless.

Comfort For Grieving Co-Workers

Submitted by Melva Jones


If you're not sure what to do or say when a co-worker suffers a personal loss, follow these guidelines:


1. Offer your condolences in person. Even if you've already sent a note or signed a card, take the grieving co-worker aside and say "I'm so sorry for your loss. Please let me know if I can do anything for you."


2. Follow the person's lead. If the co-worker wants to reminisce about the deceased person, pull up a chair and sit down, so you can listen more attentively.  If the co-worker starts to cry, offer him or her a tissue and say something such as "It must be very difficult to think of Todd without becoming emotional" or "I can only imagine how you must feel."


Note: Don't say "I know how you feel" to a grieving person. Even if you have lost someone close, a statement such as that focuses attention on you, not your grieving co-worker. But if your co-worker asks, "How did you handle it when you lost someone," feel free to recount your experiences and offer advice.


3. Follow up on your offer to help if your co-worker politely declines.  People still steeped in sorrow often don't have a clear idea of what kind of help they may need, so suggest some ways you can pitch in.  Examples: Offer to run errands or complete reports.


4. Stay supportive over time. In the immediate aftermath of a loss, some people appear to hold up well. But they may feel worse six or eight weeks later. Continue to offer your assistance ... and your attention.


5. Don't shy away from mentioning the deceased during subsequent conversations. Your co-worker will appreciate hearing you speak of the lost loved one in a positive way. Example: "I always enjoyed seeing Nancy at the holiday party."



Office Professional's Forum

Editor: Marissa Gandelman

September 20, 2002


Have you ever noticed the Honor Guard pays meticulous attention to correctly folding the American flag 13 times? You probably thought it was to symbolize the original 13 colonies, but we learn something new every day! 


 Flag Folds    

The 1st fold of our flag is a symbol of life.

The 2nd fold is a symbol of our belief in eternal life.

The 3rd fold is made in honor and remembrance of the veterans departing our ranks who gave a portion of their lives for the defense of our country to
attain peace throughout the world.

The 4th fold represents our weaker nature, for as American citizens trusting in God, it is to

Him we turn in times of peace as

well as in times of war for
His divine guidance.



The 5th fold is a tribute to our country, for in the words of Stephen Decaur, "Our Country, in dealing with other countries, may she always be right; but
it is still our country, right or wrong.”

The 6th fold is for where our hearts lie. It is with our heart that we pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.

The 7th fold is a tribute to our Armed Forces, for it is through the Armed Forces that we protect our country and our flag against all her enemies, whether they are found within or without the boundaries of our republic.



The 8th fold is a tribute to the one

who entered into the valley of the

shadow of death, that we might

see the light of day.


The 9th fold is a tribute to womanhood, and mothers. For it has been through their faith, their love, loyalty and devotion that the character of the men and women who have made this country great has been molded.

The 10th fold is a tribute to the father, for he too, has given his sons and daughters

for the defense of our country since they were first born.

 The 11th fold represents the lower portion of the seal of King David and King
Solomon and glorifies in the Hebrews' eyes, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

The 12th fold represents an emblem of eternity and glorifies, in the Christians' eyes, God the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit.

The 13th fold, or when the flag is

completely folded, the stars are

uppermost reminding us of our

nation's motto, "In God We Trust."


After the flag is completely folded and

tucked in, it takes on the appearance of a

cocked hat, ever reminding us of the soldiers who served under General George Washington, and the Sailors and Marines who served under Captain John Paul Jones, who were  followed by their comrades and shipmates in the Armed Forces of the United States preserving for us the rights,  privileges and freedoms we enjoy today.


September 11, 2001

A Day To Remember


By Norma Hall


    Where were you when the world stopped turning?  The most asked question before September 11th, was “Where were you when Kennedy got shot”?  But that question has now been replaced with “Where were you on 911”? 


    As we take the time to reflect back on that date, one year later one can only think of the good that did come from these tragedies.  This great nation that we are blessed to live in was under attack.  However, more good was done than anything.  We can only give all honor and glory to God.


    We can thank Osama for bringing our nation back together.  I know he never excepted that to happen.  Osama said he did this to our nation for “religious reasons.”  In this nation under ONE GOD, God gets the praises for all He did for us.  God was with each passenger on those planes, and was holding up the tower so people could get out alive, He held the hands of people calling home to say good-bye to their loved ones, that they would only see in heaven again.  God was next to you and me.  Could you feel His presence?  I know that I could.  God made sure that people did not get to work on time.  People missed their flights.  And as flight 93 was getting ready to hit yet another building the passengers stood together and stopped even more tragedies from happening.  The words “Let’s Roll”, where quoted after the passenger had called a 911 operated.  That operator and passenger quoted the Lord Prayer and the 23rd Psalm.  God gave those people courage to do what had to be done.


    As we gathered with our neighbors that we never knew in churches, praying together, holding each other up, we became that nation that we once were, the nation that was founded because people wanted to be able to serve our Risen Saviour.  So, we once again put God our Father back in charge of this great nation.  After all we are “ONE NATION UNDER GOD.”



We carry God in our pockets every day we

put money in them.


“In God We Trust!”


    It has become more and more evident that it is ok to praise God.  Churches were packed from front to back on those days to follow.  People standing next to you that you never knew before became a new friend.  There were no dividing line as to color, and language we were all brothers and sisters in Christ. 


    Yes, we can see the facts on paper as to the number of people that died that tragic day, but what we don’t know is how many of those people found God in their last breath of life.  God met people for the first time in the stairwells on their way out of the towers.  God was still trying to reach others, but some turned from Him one last time.  We were willing to give money to strangers on Tuesday, that on Monday most of us kept in our pockets, telling that person on the street corner to get a real job.  We gave blood that was much needed, the sad part is the blood is still needed and people have gone back to their old natures.  We stretched out our hands for the days to follow, but why did it have to take a massive tragedy to do so?  God had His Hands on the entire situation.  We should all be thanking the Lord for His mercy and goodness, after all it could have been you or I in the towers, or planes, or even on the ground.


    So, as we look past September 11th, let’s us be reminded to always thank God for His Son, His Love, and Grace.  We are blessed to live in a nation that is able to serve a Risen Saviour openly and freely.  So the next time you look up and see an airplane over head, say a little prayer for all those that are in the plane, but most of all pray for this great nation daily.  Remember September 11th as a new beginning for many people, including yourself.  September 11th, was not the day that the Lord chose to take you home. 


There will be a day that He will come for you.








         SEPTEMBER 15, 1953


      JULY 14, 2002



Jerome you are truly missed - your presence at PM gave us all a sense of belonging.  I started my career at PM with you in Bay 5 - You told me - "Dwayne you can't always guarantee the results - But you can always guarantee the effort."

Words to live by - Rest well my Friend!


~ Dwayne Farmer - Staff Purchasing Specialist


A Wise Man Speaks

(For Jerome)

Person One:

But I don't understand the mixed messages and collusion here

Wise Man:

Be patient

Person Two:

Why do folks pretend they don't know what is happening When it is obvious that they do

Wise Man:

True strength is grounded in one's character

"Pretence" is worn by the weak

Yet what is the worth of your own strength

If your choice is not to disrobe "Pretenders"?

Person Three:

If I speak, no-one will listen objectively I will be questioned and doubted

Wise Man:

I am listening and so is "He"

You do a disservice to all with your silence

Professional recanting is a gift "He" has given you

If you choose not to use your gift

"He" will give it to someone who will

 Person One:

I smile and smile and smile and smile

Person Two:

I work and work and work and work

Person Three:

I am silent, am silent, am silent

Persons One, Two & Three:

I am tired, am tired, am tired, am tired

Wise Man:

Your fatigue is a result of your unwillingness to

give your woes to   "HIM"

Your rewards are not realized because you depend

on the system

The system works because of the humbleness of

      its soldiers

You were not meant to soldier here

Your humbleness must only be for Him

Your silence must only be heard by "HIM"

Your rewards will come only through Him

And then you will smile a smile from "Him"

~ Frances Vaughan

Tears of Sorrow, Tears of Joy

By Phil Redman


What do you say when you lose your BEST FRIEND?

When you lose a HUSBAND?




What do you do?

What do you say?

When you lose someone so close,

You feel you can’t face today?


I’m not going to talk about our life at PM

But, I know, dear Brother, if it were not for you,

I would not be Who and Where I am


Our friendship transcended our work life together,

We committed to try to make things better


What do you say when you lose your Best FRIEND?

I wrote a few words,

So, let me begin…


Tears of Sorrow, Tears of Joy

Can you make a choice?

Is the Choice really yours?


The loss of my BROTHER

From this secular world,

It’s trials and tribulations,

Is like no other


As we shed tears of Sorrow,

The Heavens’ rejoice,

The rain that day were tears of Joy


Removed from the stress’ of this hard life,

My BEST FRIEND, My Brother, Jerome

Has been, too soon, called Home


Tears of Sorrow, Tears of Joy

Tears like rain,

What are your tears for?


In our pain, shock and disbelief

Our tears flow and stain our grief

It’s the shock,

It’s the pain,

My GOD, it’s the disbelief!


Tears of Sorrow, Tears of Joy

Can you make a choice?

Is the Choice really yours?


Tears of Sorrow, Tears of Joy



Tears of Sorrow

Tears of Sorrow


I’m going to miss you

What else can I say?

I’m going to really miss you,



That smile, that handshake, that hug

We always shared

Our Friendship was boundless,

And unconditional, nothing really compared


I’m going to miss you

What else can I say?

That smile, that handshake, that hug

That I got from you

Just the other day


Twenty-six years of countless

One on one conversations

Ranging from Religion, to the Ridiculous

To the affairs of the Nation


I’m going to miss you,

Let me tell you why,

When times got tough,

You weren’t ashamed

To let me comfort you,

If you had to cry


I’m going to miss you

What can I say?


That can make you come back

And take our pain away?

We are going to miss you

In more ways than one,

The Husband,

The Father,

The Brother,

The Son


Tears of Sorrow, Tears of Joy

Can you make a choice?

Is the Choice really yours?


Tears of Joy

Tears of Joy


To have known you

Now that was and always will be

A Blessing!

Tears of Sorrow, Tears of Joy



Your Smile,

Your words of Encouragement,

Your Confidence, Your Strength,

Your Humility, Your Courage,

Your Desire,

Your Love for Family,

Your Dedication, Your Commitment,

Your Insight, Your Manhood

Your ability to navigate the many obstacles of this life,

How you set an example of how to be a Strong Black Man,

In this too often unkind world

Your Kindness, Your Gentleness,

Your Determination, Your Success,

Your Faith,

Your Belief in GOD,

Your Love,

Your Spirit,



Tears of Joy

You ARE my Best Friend,

Let me tell you more,

You Challenged me,

You Questioned me,

You Listened to me,

You Supported me,

You Inspired me,

You Counseled me,

You Comforted me,

You never Judged me,

 There is not one time when I called on you,

That you did not show

You cared about ME

And all that I am,

All that I know

I LOVE you Jerome

In this life we were “Partners in Crime”

Now we will forever be,

Partners in TIME

Tears of Sorrow, Tears of Joy

Can you make a choice?


Reflections from Bay 2

By Shelia E. Bloomfield


From our point of view, Jerome Shepperson was a man of great character.   As stated by Pam Crouch, “He was a man who never forgot where he came from and he never moved so far up the ladder that he didn’t come down to be a part of the factory that he managed.”   Bob Hodges says, “He was a very personable man who went out of his way to assist and encourage others to be the best that they could be.” Pete Fogg says, “He was a fair man. He exhibited a lot of integrity among all of his peers.”  Jerome was a fun loving person who set an example to be “who you are and let the others deal with it.”  He was straight forward and to the point, forever standing up for what he believed in.  One of the things I learned from Jerome is never to despise small beginnings.  Although life’s circumstances were not in his favor he overcame the odds and made great accomplishments and touched the lives of hundreds of people. He went from the mailroom to the “Throne Room”!  I’ll never forget Jerome. He was a mentor and a great inspiration to me.

My Friend, My Friend

Evangeline Mines


How I miss my friend, walking fast, smoking,

Dressed in a white starched shirt, black pants


Head down walking, Moving fast

Smoking, loud laughter

I stop him sometimes and ask, “how are you”

He never complains  - I do

I tell him to slow down

He says, “I can’t"

I miss him

He said speak up – Speak up for your self

How I miss him

We talk a minute

I tell him a little about my daughter

He talks about his grandma

I miss him

We talk about the job

We talk about life

I miss him

My friend, My friend



Gwen Payne


Jerome Shepperson was a kind-hearted man. I met Jerome in late June 2001 at the start of my COE Program here at PM. I took on the responsibilities of handling CM Highlights, which are done bi-weekly. Jerome was always the last one to turn them in. But no matter how late he was he always wore a smile saying," I'm going to get those highlights to you Gwen". He always had a bright smile to brighten anyone's day. He would acknowledge any and everyone. Never sad or worried it seemed. I will truly miss Jerome. He was a great person.





Sheronn Fox & Beth Ashburn


The last time we spoke with Jerome was the Friday before his accident.  He sauntered down the hallway (white shirt and cigarette in hand).  He asked me if I had a lighter and I joked with him about not having his own lighter.  I remember instances where he had issues and didn’t have a problem coming right to my desk and asking, “Where is Craig (Schwartz)?”  If Craig was in his office, Jerome would walk right in (with confidence) and state his issues.  He was always a no-nonsense kind of guy but very genuine.  We miss him dearly.






Phil Word


"He always instilled in me to do my best at

whatever I was doing."


"Be strong, all you people of the land"

says the Lord, "and work; for I am with

you."  Haggai 2:4

If God gives you a task, follow it through.

Don't make excuses or settle for half-hearted

work.  The same rule applies for your daily work.

For those of us at the MC,

We saw this on Jerome's door everyday


If 99.9 percent is "good enough, " then ….


   Two million documents will be lost by the IRS this year

   811, 000 faulty rolls of 35 mm film will be loaded this year

   22,000 checks will be deducted from the wrong bank accounts in the next 60 minutes.

   1,314 phone calls will be misplaced by telecommunication services every minute.

   12 babies will be given to the wrong parents each day

   268,500 defective tires will be shipped this year.

   14,208 defective personal computers will be shipped this year.

   103,260 income tax returns will be processed incorrectly this year.

   2,488,200 books will be shipped in the next 12 months with the wrong cover.

   5,517,200 cases of soft drinks produced in the next 12 months will be flatter than a bad tire.

   Two plane landings daily at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago will be unsafe.

   3,056 copies of tomorrow's Wall Street Journal will be missing one of the three sections.

   18,322 pieces of mail will be mishandled in the next hour.

   291 pacemaker operations will be performed incorrectly this year.

   880,000 credit cards in circulation will turn out to have incorrect cardholder information on their magnetic strips.

   $9,690 will be spent today, tomorrow, next Thursday, and every day in the future on defective, often unsafe sporting equipment.

   55 malfunctioning automatic teller machines will be installed in the next 12 months.

   20,000 incorrect drug prescriptions will be written in the next 12 months.

   114,500 mismatched pairs of shoes will be shipped this year.

   $761,900 will be spent in the next 12 months on tapes and compact discs that won't play

   107 incorrect medical procedures will be performed by the end of the day today.

   315 entries in Webster's Third New International Dictionary of the English Language will turn out to be misspelled.

Calendar of Meetings

Oct 03, 2002                Oct 10, 2002

Place – OC/A2E1                   Place – MC/MPR

Time : - 12:15                    Time:  12:00


Oct 17, 2002                Oct 24, 2002

Place – OC/A2E1                   Place – MC/MPR

Time : - 12:15                    Time:  12:00


Oct 31, 2002                Nov 07, 2002

Place – OC/A2E1                   Place – MC/MPR

Time : - 12:15                    Time:  12:00


Nov 14, 2002                Nov 21, 2002

Place – OC/A2E1                   Place – MC/MPR

Time : - 12:15                    Time:  12:00


Nov 28, 2002                Dec 05, 2002

thanksgiviing                     Place – MC/MPR

no meeting                       Time:  12:00


Dec  12, 2002               Dec 18, 2002

Place – OC/A2E1                   Place – MC/MPR

Time : - 12:15                    Time:  12:00


mpr – multipurpose room

(All Changes will be announced)




Has anyone told you

i love you


i love you


Jesus loves you


Update on "THE LIGHT"

An Outreach Ministry of Hands Up




Ronnie Waddell

Park 500


Dedicated to Teresa Jackson

12/15/1954 to 09/02/2002

Teresa Jackson and I relocated to Park 500 and held our first “Light Ministry” meeting on 6/27/00.  She believed that as Christians we must do His work so through Him we can glorify the Father. Teresa embraced Ephesians 5:8-11; “For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light (for the fruit of the light consists in all goodness, righteousness and truth) and find out what pleases the Lord.”

The morning I received word that Teresa had cancer, I was at the hospital with my daughter, son-in-law and wife on the birth of our first grandchild.  All I could do was cry. And then the age-old question crept into my mind; Why Teresa? Cancer affects every family member, as well as the Christian family. Together, our families sought God’s wisdom, encouragement and guidance during Teresa’s illness.

Trusting God does not mean we do not experience fear and /or pain. It means we believe that God is at work through the occasion of our fear and pain for our ultimate good. We believe totally, “The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective” (James 5:16). We have told Teresa and her family how we have specifically prayed for them and have welcomed their prayer requests. We asked the Lord to direct scriptural promises to us that would give Teresa encouragement as well as her family.

Teresa made her trip to Tennessee on August 28 and the glorious trip to meet her Savior Jesus Christ on September 2. We will all miss her and that beautiful voice she had to sing praises to the Lord. We have placed our beloved Sister in the hands of the Lord. We love you Sister.



To me, Teresa was the epitome of the word "Respect".  She continually showed respect to all but Teresa was one that through her actions and demeanor gained the respect from others (so rightfully deserved).  At the service for Teresa, this was once again reinforced when her children and others spoke of Teresa and shared personal memories, I remember hearing many referring to her as a respectable lady.  On a personal note, our Purchasing group had the opportunity to work off-site one-day in which we managed to incorporate some fun and Teresa sang for us - she sang, coincidentally,

"R-E-S-P-E-C-T" by Aretha Franklin.  I am blessed for having had an opportunity to know Teresa and for her being a part of my life.  Teresa's light still shines on - because, for me, Teresa has certainly put a different light on the words "living the PM values" especially one . . .



~ Nancy Sinclair



Teresa and I did not have frequent interaction...she was in one part of the department and my duties were in another.  But on one occasion, we did work with each other on a project.  I remember that we needed a report and that it was going to have to be created.  Teresa had the knowledge and went about the task in almost silent confidence.  She knew what had to be done and did it.  The rest of the team was so astonished at her results.  Not only had she created the report in just a few days but the results were presented in a way that was clear and effective.  I personally spoke with her while she was working to create this report.  I can still see her face...filled with the energy, confidence and a positive attitude.


                      ~ Greg Huelsman





She was a strong-willed woman and I know she fought this cancer as hard as she could.


~ Pam Jeter


I didn't know Teresa very well before Creating the Future.  We were on the same Animal Team.

Our first activity was the Trust Fall.  Teresa told us up front that she didn't trust us to catch her but she fell

anyway.  And we caught her.  When we got to the Climbing Wall, she again said that she really didn't think we would be on belay for her but she climbed anyway and we watched her back.  All day long she remained skeptical but she accepted every challenge and went as far as she could with everything that she had.  Teresa became an inspiration to all of us and a real leader on our Team.  She has had a special place in my heart ever since and I will miss her dearly.

God bless and keep you, Teresa.


~ Peggy Kosco




I had the opportunity to meet Teresa in the hospital with a dear friend of mine, Deborah Whitener.  Since I had heard about Teresa, my desire to see her became overwhelming.  One day Deborah mentioned Teresa was still in the hospital and asked if I wanted to go and visit her.  Boy, did I jump to that opportunity.  You know, sometimes, we just have to have that nudge, but God knew that my desire was to go, see and pray over Teresa and that is just what I got to do.


When we went through the door to her room, there was such a calming, soothing, tranquil atmosphere.

I went to her bedside and our spirits immediately attached.  She was exuberant.  Her eyes had so much light that they looked like dancing exclamation marks.  She touched my hand, and I asked if I could pray over her.  She held my hand tightly.  After praying for Teresa, such a joy arose and a beautiful smile came forth like a new dawning, and we just looked at each other and hugged and laughed out loud. We knew that we knew


~ Lou Dalton


I, along with Lou Dalton, had the privilege of visiting Teresa at Johnston-Willis the week before she was released from the hospital.  I'm so thankful for that opportunity because I can now remember Teresa's smile.  Not once did she mention doubt, not once did she mention pain.  She just smiled and praised the Lord.  I felt that we were in the presence of angels.  I couldn't see the angels with my earthly eyes, but they were there.  And the peace that they brought was reflected in that beautiful smile.

~ Deborah Whitener


My thoughts and prayer reach out to Teresa’s friends and family.


~ Debra M. Copeletti




Teresa Jackson

Stepping Up in 2002

 - God Has A Plan


The date is Saturday, March 16, 2002, the

place is Towerlight Faith Center in Powhatan,

and the event is Hands Up’s Fellowship

Breakfast.  The theme God had given us for

the meeting was “Stepping Up in 2002 –

God Has A Plan”.  The presence of the Lord was so powerful during the entire four-hour fellowship.  The testimonies, the scriptures, the songs, the sharing and the sermon all melted together is such a way that everyone could see that God was demonstrating His divine hand on this meeting.  Teresa actual brought the scripture for this meeting:


Isaiah 65:24 – “And it shall come to pass, that

before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear.”


At the close of the service an altar call was given that anyone who wanted to “step up in 2002” and be in God’s plan should come forward.  Every soul in the church came forward.  Teresa was one of those who chose to step up in 2002 and fulfill God’s plan.  In retrospect, no one would have thought that God’s plan was to have Teresa step up to Glory in 2002.  The other point that the Spirit would have me share is that God’s plan in Teresa’s life was to affect those in her life that God could work His plan in the lives the lost souls touched by Teresa.


~ Tom Meadows


Teresa Jackson

Angel Flight


On Monday, September 2, 2002, I received a call from Grace Jackson (Teresa’s daughter-in-law) while they were in Tennessee.  Grace needed me to help find an air ambulance that could fly Teresa home to be in Richmond.  I was working through a group called Angel Flights and we had a plan for them to contact Grace on Tuesday to arrange an Angel Flight to bring her home on Wednesday.  God’s plan was arranging His own Angel Flight crew on the early morning hours of Tuesday and He sent them to Tennessee and Jesus came to take her home to Glory.  To paraphrase an old Impressions’ tune,  “People get ready there is a plane coming, you don’t need no baggage you just get on board”.   When Teresa left this world of strife on Tuesday, she left all her baggage (sickness, mortality and corruption) and she boarded the Good Ship Zion.  As she boarded, the Lord Jesus said Sister here put on this gown of incorruption, this robe of immortality and this crown of eternal life.  Then Jesus said: (Matthew 25:23)

“Well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.”


~ Tom Meadows



What Cancer Cannot Do

Cancer is so limited . . .


It cannot cripple love

It cannot shatter hope

It cannot corrode faith

It cannot destroy peace

It cannot kill friendship

It cannot suppress memories

It cannot silence courage

It cannot invade the soul

It cannot steal eternal life

It cannot conquer the spirit.


~ Source Unknown


I’m Free

Submitted by Sandra Witherspoon


Don’t grieve for me, for now I’m free.  I’m following the path God has laid you see.  I took His hand when I heard Him call, I turned my back and left it all. 


I could not stay another day.  To laugh, to love, to work or play.  Tasks left undone must stay that way.  I found that peace at the close of the day.


If my parting has left a void,

then fill it with remembered joys. 

A friendship shared, a laugh, a kiss. 

Oh yes, these things I too will miss.


Be not burdened with times of sorrow. 

I wish you the sunshine of tomorrow.


My life’s been full.  I savored much.   Good

friends, good times, a loved one’s touch. 


Perhaps my time seemed all too brief. 

Don’t lengthen it now with undue grief. 

Lift up your hearts and peace to thee. 

God wanted me now; He set me free!


~ Author Unknown


When I think of Teresa

Jackson, I think of a person

who was faithful to her beliefs

and had a love of family.  The

inner light that touched us all

has not been extinguished.

Her light will forever shine in

our memories and our hearts.


Rest in peace Teresa.


Sharlee Melvin                      




Teresa Jackson

Memorial Church


Several members of

Hands Up will go on a

Work & Witness trip in April

2003 to build a concrete block church in the community of Aguas Blancas

(White Waters).


Tom Meadows, Sr. recently distributed the following information:


After conferring with the family of Teresa Jackson, we are pleased to announce the church we will build in the Dominican Republic will be dedicated as the

Teresa Jackson Memorial Church

 in honor of her Christian legacy and to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.”


Please check the Hands Up web site if you are interested in obtaining more information




I’m There Inside Your Heart


Right now I’m in a different place,

And though we are apart,

I’m closer than I ever was . . .

I’m there inside your heart.


I’m with you when you greet each day

And while the sun shines bright.

I’m there to share the sunsets, too . . .

I’m with you every night.


I’m with you when the times are good

To share a laugh or two,

And if a tear should start to fall . . .

I’ll still be there for you.


And when that day arrives

That we no longer are apart,

I’ll smile and hold you close to me . . .

Forever in my heart.

~ Author Unknown


By Tom Meadows


Teresa Jackson Memorial Church

Aguas Blancas, Dominican Republic

April 5 – 19, 2003


To date we have raised $200 cash through donations and we have pledges totaling an additional $1020.  I know that in God’s time we will have all we need.  We have three Hands Up members committed to going on the trip with another six considering the trip.  Our co-sponsor, Chester Outreach Church, has several commitments from their congregation plus others from other churches.  Our goal is to take thirty people on this trip.  If you have checked the HUM Website lately then all of the most current trip information is available.  If you do not have access to the web then you can contact Tom Meadows for all the details.  We need your help.  Plant some seeds today.


Abraham built an altar called Jehovahjireh to remind us that God provides for what He ordains.  Moses built an altar called Jehovahnissi to remind us that as long as we keep our Hands Up the enemy cannot prosper against us.  Gideon built an altar called Jehovahshalom to remind us that there is peace in the midst of the storms.



Ephesians 3:20 - Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us






Please remember to lift

The following people up in prayer


PMUSA Management

Fellow Co-workers

Hands Up Staff



Everyone in the Armed Forces overseas



   USA Today is taking a vote on whether the words "Under God" should be removed from the pledge of allegiance.  NO!!!!  You can vote by going to the following web site:


   "Silence Speaks" a new book written by our own Ruth Johnson is here.  If you ordered one or would like to order a copy then contact Ruth, 274-2493.


   Mission Trip 2003 update: Teresa Jackson Memorial Church:

   We have $200 in cash and pledges totaling $1020.  We only need $4780

   We have possibly two more people interested in going.  This brings our possible list to six plus our three committed team members.

   Some people far less fortunate than any of us are praying and that is why we are believing God for what seems impossible.


   Hands Up Christmas gathering will be prior to shutdown.  Margie Jasper is our coordinator.  If you would like to help please contact Margie.  Date, time and place to be determined.


   Weed & Seed Christmas project to sponsor three families will be starting soon.  We have our Christmas Mother but only two helpers.  We could use four more.



The holiday season is rapidly approaching and marks a time when we start thinking about being with family, going on shopping trips, cooking huge feasts, and sharing special moments with loved ones.  This is also the time of year that makes us think of others who are less fortunate than we are, and how we can help them have a brighter holiday season.  Hands Up is again sponsoring three families through the Christmas Mother project, and I am excited to lead the event this year.  Some "helpers" have already volunteered, but more are needed to support this worthy cause.  I'll need shoppers, gift wrappers, and drivers to transport the gifts once they are ready for delivery.  This year we will collect funds first, followed by a group shopping session based on each families' "wish list", and then the group will wrap and deliver the gifts according to the instructions from the Christmas Mother organization.


I hope you will want to be a part of the project this year.  Your generous giving of time and money will return as a blessing to you.  If you are interested in helping or giving a donation, you may contact me at x43208, via e-mail, or via company mail at the OC T2-E.

Connie W. Smith


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