Oh Lord take my hand and walk with me over the hard part.

I can cross the bridge of forgiveness when you melt my heart

Oh Lord we need to know the freedom of your fullness

But we can only get there by crossing the bridge of forgiveness.


My steps are ordered but I sometimes stumble at the awesome task.

The call to walk across the bridge of forgiveness is taking off my mask.

The bridge of forgiveness is something we must cross for the potter

On the other side we notice our tree is planted by the living water


Under this bridge flows the river of unforgiveness that keeps us bound

The pain of past heartaches that we won't let go that continue to sound

The rushing waters that want to swallow us in a whirlpool of self defeat

But we hear the Father say the choice is up to you to put Satan in retreat.


The bridge was built at Calvary while you gave your best for our worst.

We walk the bridge of forgiveness in your steps cause you walked it first.

Clean my offender's slate that I may know you have set me free of pride

I am walking the bridge of forgiveness cause you wait on the other side


T. E. Meadows, Sr.  

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