Jesus In Black And White


In the beginning up in Heaven, everything was all right.

There was the Father, the Spirit and Jesus in Black & White.


The worlds were created and things were looking so fine.

God made man and woman but they got out of line.

Well the Holy Father devised the master plan

He would send Jesus to die for the sins of man.


He came as the infant King when he came to earth.

No one could believe he came from a virgin birth.

Born in a lowly stable that glorious night

This is the story of Jesus in Black & White.

We’ll tell you the story and we know it is true.

If you listen to us then you’ll know what to do.


The carpenter’s son had to be about the Father’s business

He went about teaching, healing and spreading his goodness.

He grew as he spread the good news till about age thirty-three

They brought him before Pilate and the people found him guilty

His fate was Golgotha, the place called Calvary

It was there the Lamb of God died to set men free

He went willingly and did not struggle or fight

This, the lowly servant Jesus in Black & White.

We will tell the story and we know it is true

He died for everybody, not just me and you.


They placed him in the old dark tomb for very short stay.

Jesus defeated death and awoke on the third day.

Mary came looking to find that all was left were his clothes

You see the Savior was already gone.  He had arose.

The angels said as they stood guard arrayed in a bright light.

This truly was the Lamb of God.  Jesus in Black & White.


Master Bee this is your good brother Cheezee T

You know Jesus loves you and he also loves me.

I’ll tell you the story and I know it is true

He didn’t die just for me but he died for you.


Well now Jesus sits in heaven on his white throne

He is with the Father, so he is not alone

He is soon coming back to split the eastern sky

I do not know when but it will be by and by

When the Son comes today –oh what a glorious sight.

Everyone will see my Jesus in Black & White.


Cheezee T this is your good brother Master Bee

Jesus didn’t die just for you, he died for me

I’ll tell you the story and I know it is true

He’s coming back for me and he’s coming for you.


Well this about the end of our gospel tune.

We’ve been telling you that Jesus is coming soon

So if not today, then how about sometime tonight

Introduce yourself to this Jesus in Black & White.

We have been telling you the story that never gets ‘ole

Friend, Jesus did not die for your color.  He died for your soul.


T. E. Meadows, Sr.

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