Inside my head there’s a war going on!

Sometimes I win and sometimes I lose.

But who’s really doing battle when I am alone?

Am I a battleground or can I the victor choose?


The war is still raging,  but who is in conflict?

Is it all a fantasy or am I sick?

Are the Lord and Satan wrestling in my mind?

Or is it my will?  Can I see? Am I blind?


The war is burning while my insides are churning.

Am I losing or is this the process of learning?

Have I hoisted the white flag or is it at half mast?

Lord have I surrendered.  Help me Jesus win at last.


When I stand, within myself there’s only shame.

There’s something different because I’m not the same.

I walk in faith the victory to proclaim.

The war is raging but I go in Jesus’ name.


T. E. Meadows, Sr.

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