World Missions It is a calling to go to other countries and serve the Lord.  It is still a dream for the Lord to call a team from among us at Hands Up Ministry to go and build a church on the mission field. "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:"  Matthew 28:1

World Outreach Ministry


Mission Trip To Dominican Republic - April 2003

Teresa Jackson Memorial Church

Mission Trip to Dominican Republic -  April  2006

El Curro

Mission Trip to Resolana, Mexico - March 2010   

La Resolana Church

Mission Project La Resolana, Mexico March  2012 

La Resolana Church

Church Playground

Mission Project Mezcala , Mexico July 2013

Mezcala Church




2003 Team Members

Kimberley "April" Pearce Sandra "Sandy " Louise Witherspoon
Thomas "Tom" Edward Meadows, Sr. "John" Cunliffe Baird
Jennifer "Jenny"  Lynn Mick "Mark" Lee Overholser
Franklin "Frank" Ray Farrish Pastor Clifford "Sherrill" Michael
"Jeremy" Paul Michael "Tami" Faye Marshall
Michael "Mike" John Courtois Richard "Wilson" Aigner, Sr.
"David" Ray Adkins

2006 Team Members

"Karen" Ann Page (4/1-4/15) Franklin "Frank" Ray Farrish (4/1-4/15)
Jeremy Michael (4/1-4/15) Sandra "Sandy" Witherspoon (4/1-4/8)
Richard "Wilson" Aigner, Sr. (4/1-4/8) "David" Ray Adkins (4/1-4/8)
Daniel "Danny" Davis (4/1-4/8) David Schmidt (4/1-4/8)
Byran Marney (4/1-4/8) Donald Ponton (4/1-4/8)
Pastor Clifford "Sherrill" Michael (4/8-4/15) Rose Farrish (4/8-4/15)
Cathy Baird (4/8-4/15) John Baird (4/8-4/15)
Mark Overholser (4/8-4/15) Ashley Williams (4/8-4/15)
Sadie Wood (4/8-4/15) Sean Woodson (4/8-4/15)
Jenny Mick (4/8-4/15) James Tietjen (4/8-4/15)


2010 Team Members

Pastor Jeremiah (Tom Meadows)  (3/6-3/13) Sadie Wood (3/6-3/13)
"Karen" Ann Page (3/6-3/13) Miche1le Meadows (3/6-3/13)
Franklin "Frank" Ray Farrish  (3/6-3/13) Bob Johnson (3/6-3/13)

2012 Team Members

Clinton Hendershot Lori Hendershot

2013 Team Members

Thomas "Tom" Edward Meadows, Sr. (7/13-7/20) Mandilyn Nicole "Mandi" Mathews (7/13-7/20)
Franklin "Frank" Ray Farrish (7/13-7/20) Lauren Renee Mills (7/13-7/20)
Karen Ann "Hadassah" Page (7/13-7/20) Meredith  Elaine Mae Spies (7/13-7/20)
Michelle Evette Meadows (7/13-7/20) Louis "Buddy" Spies II (7/13-7/20)
Charlotte Marie Capps (7/13-7/20) Joyce Ann Koolhaas (7/13-7/20)
Leslie Marie Capps (7/13-7/20) Jacob Abram "Jake" Koolhaas (7/13-7/20)
Ann Burton (7/13-7/20) Tami Kay Oden (7/13-7/20)

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